How Do I Update the LinkedIn Custom CTA Button for My Business

Nov 8, 2022

Welcome to Lincoln Steiner SEO, your premier destination for exceptional SEO services in the business and consumer services industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps of updating the LinkedIn Custom CTA button for your business, helping you enhance your online presence and optimize lead generation. With our extensive expertise in SEO, we are here to ensure that your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd and drives significant traffic to your business.

Why Update the LinkedIn Custom CTA Button?

Before we delve into the process of updating the LinkedIn Custom CTA button, let's understand the importance of this feature. With the LinkedIn Custom CTA button, you have the power to drive specific actions that align with your business objectives. By directing your audience towards desired actions, such as scheduling a consultation, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase, you can effectively convert visitors into customers.

Steps to Update the LinkedIn Custom CTA Button

Updating the LinkedIn Custom CTA button requires a few simple steps outlined below:

  1. Access your LinkedIn profile and navigate to the "Featured" section.
  2. Click on the "Add featured" button to add a new post or article.
  3. Select the option to add a "Custom CTA".
  4. Choose the appropriate CTA text and destination URL that aligns with your business goals.
  5. Save and publish your changes.

Once you have successfully updated your LinkedIn Custom CTA button, your visitors will be able to easily engage with your business and take the desired actions you have set.

Tips for Optimizing the LinkedIn Custom CTA Button

To make the most out of your LinkedIn Custom CTA button, consider the following tips:

  • 1. Use Action-Oriented Text: Craft compelling and action-oriented text for your CTA button to encourage visitors to take immediate action.
  • 2. Align with Your Business Objectives: Ensure that your CTA button reflects your specific business goals and directs the audience towards the desired outcome.
  • 3. Test Different CTAs: Experiment with different CTA variations to identify which option generates the highest engagement and conversions.
  • 4. Track and Analyze Performance: Utilize LinkedIn analytics or external tools to measure the performance of your CTA button, allowing you to make data-driven optimizations.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile with Lincoln Steiner SEO

At Lincoln Steiner SEO, we specialize in providing high-quality SEO services tailored to businesses in the business and consumer services industry. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of LinkedIn optimization and can help you strategically update your LinkedIn Custom CTA button to maximize your online visibility.

By partnering with us, you gain access to top-notch SEO expertise, customized strategies, and data-driven insights. We go above and beyond to understand your specific business goals, target audience, and industry landscape, ensuring that your LinkedIn profile outranks your competitors and attracts valuable customers.

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